Enterprise Grails is a blog focused on what we believe to be Grails’ sweet spot – the “enterprise”. By that, we mean medium to large IT shops doing any amount of custom web development in Java. For a Java shop, Grails is without a doubt the path of least resistance to the kind of extreme productivity provided by modern web development frameworks like Ruby on Rails.

Started by two architects actively engaged in Grails development in an enterprise setting, this blog highlights our experiences and lessons learned along the way – covering topics ranging from convincing management to adopt Grails, to how to cluster Grails apps on a commercial app server. Our goal in sharing our experiences is to help other Java shops make the case for adopting Grails, and to document solutions to problems that one might encounter in an enterprise setting. We believe that Grails is the future of Java web development, and that getting existing Java shops on board will be the biggest driver of broader Grails adoption.

Have a story to tell about Grails in the enterprise? Drop us a line at info [at] enterprise-grails [dot] com.