Paul Citarella

Paul is a seasoned technologist and entrepreneur with over a decade of software engineering experience in a variety of roles ranging from code slinger to technology executive. He is currently the founder and CEO of (implemented in Grails of course), and is actively engaged as a consultant to help enterprise Java shops achieve extreme productivity and agility with Grails. Prior to founding Jointli, he was Director of Enterprise Architecture and Technology Operations at Synapse Group, Inc. (a Time-Warner company) where he was responsible for Synapse’s strategic technology vision and technology operations organization. Paul was Oracle Magazine’s Fusion Middleware Architect of the Year in 2008.

Ales Bukovsky

Ales, native of Prague, Czech Republic, is a battle-hardened veteran of many software engineering deployments. After over a decade in IT consulting as a hands-on principal Java developer, architect and technology evangelist, he is currently Director of Systems Architecture at Synapse Group, Inc. (a Time-Warner company). Leading and actively developing large-scale overhaul of corporate backend components with Grails as the primary technology, he reports directly from the trenches.